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O SENAI Didática is a strategy project of the Departamento Nacional that aims to:
- Develop and disseminate educational materials printed, aligned to the National Formative;
- Encourage the use of new technologies for the production of educational materials;
- Stimulate the production of quality educational resources, through training of staff and faculty of SENAI;
- Support the development of innovative solutions Kits Didáticos;
- Promote the sharing of materials in quality between the Regional Departments, through the BRD - Banco de Recursos Didáticos; - Enhance and disseminate the intellectual output of the SENAI, through the implementation of the Editora SENAI.
To achieve the proposed objectives, the actions of SENAI Didática were structured around the following axes:

BRD - Banco de Recursos Didáticos

The BRD is an online database that can be accessed by teachers and partner organizations SENAI at: Its collection includes thousands of items, including books, handouts, videos, simulators, mini-lessons, software, links and pictures are included and validated by the users. The system also offers interactive tools that enable the evaluation of the acquis and the collaborative production of new content by teachers. Thus, in addition to optimize efforts in the development of educational resources for the SENAI's courses, the BRD stimulates the improvement of the materials in schools.

Alignment with Itinerários Formativos Nacionais

Through SENAI Didática are produced printed materials aligned to the National Formative. Each material is related to one of the courses listed in the routes mapped by the Departamento Nacional and may be grouped together to care for one or more technical skills. The materials produced by SENAI Didática can be accessed in the BRD and used in all schools of SENAI.
Educational Objects

The learning objects are reusable digital resources that enrich the practice of teachers, allowing the testing of theoretical concepts and facilitating their understanding by students. Recognizing their teaching and economic advantages, SENAI Didática invests in the development of such a teaching. One example is the CD tutorial for creating mini-lessons, sent to all teachers of SENAI. The mini-lessons and produced several other learning objects can be accessed in the BRD and used by all teachers.

Kits Didáticos

The development of innovative projects of educational kits is another important line of action for SENAI Didática. The kits developed include the use of new technologies and materials that contribute to its functionality and durability. In addition to the technical specifications, the projects include the details of the possible uses of educational kits, in view of the competencies to be developed.

Training of technicians and teachers

To strengthen the institutional culture towards the production of quality teaching resources, SENAI Didática promotes actions of ongoing training of technicians and teachers in the development and evaluation of materials. Hundreds of employees already trained act as multipliers in their schools, helping to raise the quality of teaching resources used in the courses of SENAI.

Editora SENAI

The creation of Editora SENAI represents the recognition and appreciation of the intellectual potential existing in our institution. The Company aims to propagate the scientific, technical and professional writers inside and outside the system, on issues related to Vocational and Technological Education.

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